Thursday, December 30, 2010

quick update - YAY!

I will write more later but I wanted to give a quick update!!!! Yesterday at just before 5 pm we got an email from the Reece's Rainbow director letting us know we need our homestudy completed by the week of January 21st (yikes!!) because......we can submit in February 2011!! We had thought with all the concern of a vote or no vote and all that back and forth we would surely be delayed but it looks like we can submit at the earliest date we were originally told!

Yay! This is what we have been praying for but we have lots to do to finish our homestudy and we have LOTS left to fundraise (we honestly thought we would not travel until late summer at the earliest - now it looks like possibly the Spring - yes!!)

Anyway - pray we can close in that gap - we are working extra, cut household expenses again (and I am pretty sure we are down to the absolute minimum!) and now working on a couple fundraising ideas...all while trying to finish up our homestudy!

Our prayer at the begining of this whole journey was to 1) be able to bring her home quickly (looks like that is gonna happen) and 2) that we would be able to do it without as much debt following us back to America - please pray with us and keep our fundraisers in mind!

I'll write a more lengthy post later with links to all our different fundraisers and will keep you posted on community events - but for now you can check out her 'sponsor page' and our 'Just Love' coffee fundraisers on the side right column =)

Gotta go!


  1. That's wonderful news, Kate! I wasn't sure if they were officially going to accept new dossiers in Feb. or not with everything going on...I'll have to ask our family coordinator when we need to shoot for getting our dossier ready. :) Good luck with the homestudy...wishing you super speed in getting everything together!

  2. that is what we were thinking but Andrea emailed us yesterday and told us to be ready! I am guessing if you guys were told the same you should hear soon too - I hope! Do you know if Caroline had her surgery yet?

  3. Hi! I just found your blog at Reece's Rainbow! I'm so happy you are adopting little Claire! I was so sad when I saw she had lost her previous family!

  4. thanks Emi! we are so excited too! we inquired about her & had papers sent before she was committed to the first time - we are so sad for her previous family too but I know they were adopting other kiddos - I wish I knew how to get ahold of them - I'd love to some day work it out so they could meet her =)