Thursday, March 10, 2011


So we got some paperwork sent back to do over before we can send it *sigh*

A couple typos in our homestudy that you would think are not a big deal apparently are.

The doctor on Harry's medical info accidentally wrote a '2' when it was the 3rd - she corrected it (you know how you write a 2 & you think 'oops it is supposed to be a 3 and you just add the extra to make it a 3?  that is what she did...apparently that is not acceptable.) So Harry gets to make ANOTHER appointment with the doctor that is not in any way covered by our health insurance and he has to pay for another mobile notary....all in all probably a $300 mistake = awesome (sarcasm).  Not to mention the time it will take and he will maybe even have to miss work just to get the appointment ASAP!


Also - we had been told we'd have a week or two from when our fingerprints are done to have our very important papers we'll need to send over our dossier.

Appparently we were wrong.  It could be as early as a few could be as long as THREE MONTHS! WHAT?! (I think other RR families are shaking their heads at us because they probably knew that already & for some reason we missed it)

We've contacted everyone we can think of including our Congressman about possibly expediting this paperwork.  We've got calls out and from what we have heard - many families have had great success with this.

Our prayer is the same - that this happens as quickly as possible - we hate for her to be in an orphanage any longer than she needs to be when she has a loving family waiting for her here.

Please pray that we have all our paperwork deemed acceptable from here on out and that our immigration papers come here QUICKLY!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hallelujah! Fingerprint appointments TWO WEEKS EARLY!!!

So I know I have two groups of peeps reading this

1) other RR families & adoptive families that totally know what I am talking about.
2) friends that don't quite get the process, but want to stay updated.

I'll try to keep it short & sweet - we have been waiting on appointments for fingerprints for immigration - just one of the hoops we jump through.  This is the LAST piece of paperwork we need before we can send our dossier!!

We were told it would take 'about 6 weeks' - although we know it OFTEN takes more than 6 weeks. Because Claire is already available for blind referral every day counts.

We had asked for others to pray that we would not only get it in 6 weeks, but also (even though it felt a bit greedy) to pray that we might be lucky enough to get it in sooner....

Well - guess what - almost TWO weeks early!! Amazing!  Our appointment is in just two weeks!!

Stay tuned! It looks like we will be sending our dossier THIS MONTH!

please keep the process in your prayers & please continue to pray for 'our' Claire!! We cannot wait to see how it all plays out!

Thanks for reading! Thanks for praying!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anybody want to WIN a BOB Stroller or Diamond earrings for a sweet cause??

Please check out this amazing fundraiser our very good friends put together!!  I have known these sweet ladies from our church growth group and our own bunco group for years.  I have always been thankful for their friendship, but they have really out done themselves with this event! 

CLICK HERE to see the invite on - it is going to be AWESOME!

Our friends put together a 'girls only' brunch/bunco game/silent auction/raffle event for MARCH 19th at 10:30am - in just two weeks!!

It has potential to raise ALL the rest of the $$ we estimate we need and we have already told them if there is (God Willing!) any overage that we want them to pick out a child on Reece's Rainbow to donate to! (they've already picked a child out they are praying for!)

I've got to share some of the amazing auction items they had donated from really cool companies & cool people around town!

BOB Stroller (YES! a brand new BOB stroller - worth over $600!)
Diamond earrings - valued at $1100
Two nights stay at a beautiful Carlsbad CA hotel!
One night stay at the equally beautiful Carlsbad Inn
$50 gift certificates to several restaurants
Gift Certificates to several HIGH END hair salons
One month of dance lessons for a little girl!
Mary Kay gift basket
Partylite gift basket
Beautiful original art & photography
Stampin' Up basket
Kid's Tricycle
TONS of other great prizes!!!

It is $20 to come for brunch & also to play 'bunco' - the winner of bunco gets the diamond earrings!!!!

It is going to be SO much fun! They put this amazing event together and they have room for 100 ladies to come!

Problem!! We've only had 31 people RSVP 'yes' so far! Ahhhhh!  Whoever can come is going to get a STEAL on some amazing things! Even if we packed the house the amount of prizes that were donated are all pretty much gonna go for a GREAT deal!! I really hope you can make it!

I really hope you will RSVP YES!  I also hope you will spread the word and bring a friend!  If you live far away but know someone in SD who has a heart for adoption - would you be so kind and invite them? (tell them to bring a friend too!)

Thanks so much for reading & helping us spread the word!