Monday, March 7, 2011

Hallelujah! Fingerprint appointments TWO WEEKS EARLY!!!

So I know I have two groups of peeps reading this

1) other RR families & adoptive families that totally know what I am talking about.
2) friends that don't quite get the process, but want to stay updated.

I'll try to keep it short & sweet - we have been waiting on appointments for fingerprints for immigration - just one of the hoops we jump through.  This is the LAST piece of paperwork we need before we can send our dossier!!

We were told it would take 'about 6 weeks' - although we know it OFTEN takes more than 6 weeks. Because Claire is already available for blind referral every day counts.

We had asked for others to pray that we would not only get it in 6 weeks, but also (even though it felt a bit greedy) to pray that we might be lucky enough to get it in sooner....

Well - guess what - almost TWO weeks early!! Amazing!  Our appointment is in just two weeks!!

Stay tuned! It looks like we will be sending our dossier THIS MONTH!

please keep the process in your prayers & please continue to pray for 'our' Claire!! We cannot wait to see how it all plays out!

Thanks for reading! Thanks for praying!



  1. yay, it won't be long. Your process seems to be going so quickly. At least from my point of view. :)

  2. Yay!! Are y'all going to try a walk-in now that you have the appointment letter? It worked for us! Also, we got some GREAT and VERY FAST results from working with our congressman's office to get an expedited I-171H noticed. I blogged about it this morning!

  3. @Sarah - I am SO happy for you!! I don't think we'd have the same results & we are waiting on the tax info too - so honestly we don't think it would save us more than a day or two if our congressman would even see/take a call from us. But we will see - right now just so blessed that it is not delayed!!
    Congrats to your family!!