Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our debt free adoption story

Last week our adoption story was featured on Money Saving Mom.  We shared how we paid for our adoption without any debt.

I think ours was a bit more challenging than we anticipated - we switched from international to domestic half way through and had spent thousands on paperwork going back and forth to EE.  Another wrench in our plan was we had over $4000 in our RR account that we of course could not use once we committed to a special needs child that was not on RR.  (We actually counted this a blessing - it was what we planned to spend on travel and of course we were not traveling now - and we were able to choose a child to donate the money too - we donated to "Gregory" - who is still waiting with over $4,500 in his account!!).  But we did have new expenses - our coordinator, lawyers, social worker, and some changes to our homestudy.

Had we known we would have ended up in a domestic adoption we could have saved quite a bit - but in that case we would not have been able to donate to Gregory..... and I think that even though it was hard, our journey was beautiful - and oddly enough - we had EXACTLY enough - like literally exactly enough!

I wanted to share our 'We Paid Cash: Our Adoption Process" story with those who might be interested.

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