Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18/10 - happy birthday sweet girl

Today is hard for us.  It is little 'Claire's' birthday.  I can't believe what it is like having a birthday and not having is celebrated. 

We ask today for continued prayer for this little girl.  We ask you to pray that she is well taken care of and that she is learning things she needs to learn. Her little eyes look so soulfull (is that a word?) in the pictures we have of her.  I just wonder what her little mind is thinking, what her little heart is feeling.

Please pray for her country as they still have not voted in favor or against Intercountry adoptions.  We pray this will favor families trying to adopt.  We pray if anything changes it simply makes it a better process for both families trying to adopt and the children waiting.  We pray that if there are any changes that 'close' the country for adoption for any amount of time that we will still be able to keep tabs on 'Claire' until it reopens (countries close from time to time - it is USUALLY short - a matter of months - but it can be longer, it is up to that country)

We are continuing with paperwork and continuing our fundraising but we are asking people NOT to put money in her account right now through RR - we are asking only that you pray.  For now just pray that everything works out that she can in fact be ours.

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  1. Soulful is exactly the word I always thought of when I saw her, too...Praying for the vote.