Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timing is everything! A few prayer requests...

Hello all!

We are getting paperwork together and every day everything seems more real!

We have doctor & live scan (background check) appointments scheduled for the 2nd week in December and then will start our home visits of our homestudy.

The very earliest we will be able to submit our dossier is February.  We pray this is the case & we ask you to pray that her country will accept our dossier at the earliest possible date.  With the possibility of that submission date being moved back & paperwork only being valid for 6 months we are really hoping that delaying our Dr. appts & LiveScan until December will be enough time. 
we will still of course be able to adopt her - we would just need to update info if paperwork is submitted more than 6 mo after completion - basically we are hoping to avoid having to do more Dr visits (not covered by insurance), notary, and livescan fees - to do this over will EASILY cost another $1000 - so we are just really hoping for timing to be in our favor!

We cannot delay it any further or we risk not having the homestudy complete before February. 

We want to ask people to pray that everything is 'best case scenario' - meaning things go through as quickly as possible. 

We pray that she is well taken care of, that her needs both physically and emotionally are met.

We pray that her little heart & mind are protected - there is so much stigma associated with adoption and specifically orphans from different countries - we have been blessed that our son bonded & fell into our family so perfectly, we have the same hopes for this little girl.  We ask you to pray for her!

We have raised all our upfront fees needed for our homestudy & the small commitment fee (for Reeces Rainbow) before even commiting to her.  Any funds in her account we will be able to use for travel expenses - flights, in country fees, her passport, food, taxis, buses, hotel/apt, etc.  We will not need these fees until sometime after Februrary - but if you are looking for a 2010 Tax Deduction - please know any donations made go 100% to us & are 100% tax deductible.  Again - we do not 'need' it now, but anything donated will be saved until we travel & as we see that $$ rise in her account it does bless us! 

Here is her page again

First and foremost we simply ask for your prayers for her & timing & safe travels for us when we do go.


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