Monday, November 22, 2010

two cute stories to share.....

so still no news on any vote in 'Claire's' country yet.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for her country to NOT close.  If it closes it leaves us with our hands tied but 'Claire' will go on existing, she will go on waiting - that is overwhelming to think about.  Think of your baby - imagine them two years old and living in state care indefinately....we know she is not ours yet, but we do love her & feel a tremendous burden to bring her home.  please keep praying.

In the meantime I thought I should share some cuteness.

'Big Brother' constantly prays the following prayer 'Jesus we know you have a baby sister for us but please can we have the baby sister that doesnt have no toes, because we will love her anyway even though she doesn't have all the right toes' - so cute it takes my breath away.

'Big Sister' is making plans for how she is going to help 'Little Sister' all the time.  She is convinced that she will be potty trained since she is two and is very excited to show her where all our family potties are located.  'Big Sister' is also going through her signing videos and deciding on how to modify signing so that 'Little Sister' can do them even though she doesn't have five fingers.

I just pray that little 'Claire'  gets to know how much she is already loved.  She will truly be a little princess if she gets to come home to us! Please pray that it is SOON!


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