Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here we go again.....

We are so excited to announce that we are in the beginning stages of adopting a little girl from Eastern Europe! 

She is photolisted on Reeces Rainbow - an amazing site that advocates for harder to place children with disabilities all over the world.  We noticed this site for the first time shortly after bringing our son home three years ago and just fell in love with the concept.  Their ministry is simple - it is a nonprofit grant organization that allows anyone to donate money to a specific child's 'adoption fund' - available children are listed with their grant fund listed under them - so many people say 'oh, I would adopt, but it is too expensive'.  Reece's Rainbow has heard this and basically has aided in lessening that financial burden. The idea has worked - SO many children have found their forever families this amazing organization - children that statistically had a much lower chance of being adopted now have loving families - how great is that?!

Long story very short - we noticed 'Marissa' months ago. We actually inquired about her and had even started paperwork only to find out she had been committed to before we could finish our paperwork!  While we were so sad to hear she was no longer available to us, we were happy to hear she had been found by a family.

Months went by, we made other inquiries on other children that didn't quite work out and we decided maybe we just need to let it sit for a while.  We stopped visiting the site and just waited....until a good friend who loves Reeces Rainbow even more than we do emailed me '....did you see that Marissa is available again?'

I didn't really believe it, we were a little shy to ask again....but after a couple days we got online and there was her cute little face on the waiting children listing again - we committed to her the next day.

We ask that you will pray for this beautiful little girl.  She will be two years old this month.  We know that these are crucials days and years in her development and we just want her to somehow know that she is SO LOVED.  We pray that she can be home with us as soon as legally possible and that her little heart is just happy and that she feels secure until we can come and get her.

We hope this blog will help everyone understand our hearts and share in the journey to a little girl we plan on calling 'Claire'

Check out her commitment page -


Harry, Kate, Josie & Silas

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