Thursday, November 25, 2010

perhaps December?

Quick note - now we are hearing there may be a vote in December.

I am not supposed to write many details.  Little 'Claire' is on an international photolisting & there is quite a bit we are not really allowed to publish - IE - her legal name, her country, region, etc.....that is frustrating as I would like to share but I gotta follow the rules.

That being said - ultimately the vote for changes is looking like it will really be a great thing for the children waiting for families in her country.  That is - in the long run.  Families who are in the process right now are really the only ones who might have to wait longer.  In the long run this will likely make adoption in her country easier and more attractive to those considering Intercountry adoption.  That is a great thing!

So again - just pray for this vote and for the kids in limbo (kids that have been committed to but do not have court dates -  'Claire').  Legally this little girl is not even a little bit ours.  We just have her referral - we have commited on paper for her, but her country has not released her to us. As a reminder - our son was not ours legally until we had him in Moscow either, we made three trips to Russia before he was legally ours - so really nothing is different at this point. Please just pray for stability in her country.  It looks as if things might take a little longer, but we think that no matter which way the vote goes we will go and get our little 'Claire' - no matter how long it takes.

Please keep us in our prayers as we work through our paperwork and our homestudy.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Praying like mad over here...for both our girls, and for all the RR kids. Just so ready to get this over with and know something one way or the other.