Friday, January 14, 2011

2nd homestudy visit Saturday!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our social worker?! Our homestudy is being prepared by an agency that is WAAAAAY up in Chino - normally the family has to go up to the office for the first two visits - we went up last week and we got the happy news that our social worker was gonna be in Escondido Saturday and she could meet with us if it worked for us - uh - yes please!

I also need to take a moment to thank my awesome husband - he has worked so hard and making sure all the paperwork is together.  I certainly have the heart for adoption, but Intercountry (especially this country) adoption is SO paperwork intensive, he has been amazing at making sure we don't forget anything! Thanks Love!

We have one last homestudy visit on February 3rd (the day after our 9th anniversary!) - and then it is just mailing paperwork!

Patience is hard for us at this point, we are SO excited, knowing that she is officially available for adoption and that our paperwork is still in process is so frustrating for us.  I mean, we already feel committed to her in our hearts, and for her to not be with us is just really really hard.  It's nobody's fault that we aren't ready yet, we thought the very earliest she'd be released would be February, so our plan was February and we are right no track *sigh*

Keep praying that everything comes together and that there are no delays (hey - while you are at it, feel free to pray that paperwork goes faster than is typical ;))

Keep praying for our fundraising effforts, slowly but surely we are slowly filling up our fund.  I have found that I can be even more creative with our budget and Harry has been blessed with not one but TWO new web clients in one month! We've also had some small success with our little online fundraisers...little by little!


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