Saturday, January 22, 2011

Web design for Claire? And a couple other fundraisers...

Still not much to report - last week we had quite a bit of running around to do - there is SOOO much you need to do when you are requesting to let a little one join your family. They need everything from notarized doctor's notes, to multiple personal referrals, to a signed letter from the bank saying we are up to date on our mortgage, and of course everyone's birth certs, marriage certs, and on and on....anyway - we pretty much got that all done and our first set (of many) papers are likely on a plane on it's way to a little country in Eastern Europe officially requesting to adopt a specific little lady. *sigh*

So anyway, right now it is just paperwork going back and forth. Details that are likely not that interesting to those reading this.

So right now we are just trying to get travel paid for! Our goal has always been to complete our adoption without debt - we didn't start the process until we had our upfront fees and a little extra - that being said we still have quite a bit left to raise (seriously - a lot - like $10,000)

We have LOTS of little fundraisers in the works -

We hoped our $5 downloadable coloring book media blast would have made a bit more....we only sold 14 so far, which we are thankful for, but we were hoping for more - it will be ongoing and I hope you will check it out! ALL of the $5 goes towards our adoption!

We've also got a BOAT LOAD of little girls hair pretties & crocheted hats with sweet little bows & flower clips for sale - $6 - $12 - if you need a little girl gift please contact me! (see previous post)

Check out our Just Love Coffee Store - $5 of every sale goes towards our adoption!

Check out our Cafe Press and Zazzle Stores - if you need an adoption gift please buy from our store!!

My facebook friend (and fellow adoptive mommy) Kris is donating proceeds from her Discovery Toys sale to our adoption fund.

If you are a local & enjoy Kidsville Playtown - they are offering a $1 off coupon AND for every one redeemed they are donating $1 to our adoption fund too! CLICK HERE

My website makes a little money - San Diego Deals and Steals might save you some money - it won't cost you anything - also several of the ads I make a small amount of $$ if someone signs up! I would really appreciate you checking it out or even subscribing =)

Of course you can always make a 100% tax deductible donation via REECE'S RAINBOW - if you've ever thought 'wow I think adoption is cool and such a good idea but it isn't something I really want to do' - this is a small & maybe easy way you can help bring an orphan home and we would truly appreciate it!

We will also be having another 'adoption fund' garage sale, selling on craigslist, and ebay. (yes we would love donations from locals for our adoption fund garage sales - contact me!)

Harry also (as many of you know) is a web and graphic designer. He pointed out that if he could get one more 'average' client a month between now and when we travel (likely May & then again in June) we would be very close to meeting our fundraising goal! I really hope you will check out his site, if you ever need web or graphic design we'd love for you to consider him and refer him!

My apologies for the constant sales pitch - it is humbling to be in a place where we can't simply write a check for the full amount. We aren't asking for anyone to do/buy/donate anything they aren't comfortable with - but just keep us in mind - many of our items are things many of you might be purchasing in the future anyway - I hope you'll consider!  Please know every time we have recieved money of any kind/amount we are so thankful!

Thanks for reading & considering!

We'll keep ya posted!

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