Friday, January 7, 2011

Adoption Fund Garage Sale 1/8/11

So excited about our 'adoption fund' garage sale tomorrow! We planned it just 7 days ago because my Aunt is having a moving sale anyway - we didn't know if we would even get any donations and we had just donated a carload of our extras two weeks before Christmas!

Well - our wonderful friends have delivered!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated - we have a FULL garage that will easily take three well packed car loads to Aunt Lori's!  We are so thankful for this boost and hope that it will help us raise money quickly!

If you are in the North County PLEASE come by! 925 Lilac Ct San Marcos CA 92069  8am - 1pm!

Update on our process - we have our first visit in Chino at the Bethany office on Tuesday afternoon.  We'll have one more in office visit and then one in our home.  Our social worker will be on vacation the last week of January which will make it difficult to finish our homestudy in time for the potential dossier submission in February - just hoping & praying that she is able to finish it quickly - all our papers are in order and we have done this before so we hope it is an easy process and papers will just be waiting for the OK from 'Claire's' country.

We of course pray that we will be able to submit quickly but also that we are financially prepared! At this point we are only about half way to the $$ needed when we travel!  We are doing everything we can to keep ourselves out of debt this time around.  We have both taken on some extra work as well as cut back as much as possible (but we aren't working with that much to begin with so it is not making that huge of an impact).

We are praying there is a HUGE turnout for this garage sale as well as the one we have planned for in March.  We also are selling on Ebay & Craigslist (we made a little over $100 last week on Ebay - yay!)

We have partnered with a few blogs who will be getting a very cool fundraiser out to lots of readers (stay tuned for details).

Anyway - please pray for sunshine tomorrow, a quick meeting & easy commute to Chino on Tuesday, and as always that our process goes quickly and that Miss Claire's heart is prepared for us!


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