Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yet another 'fundraiser'

Our families budget is based completely on Daddy's income alone.  Any money Mommy brings in with crafts, ebay, or her blog has always gone into the adoption fund account.

As random as it may be - I would love for you to check out my money saving blog - shameless plug? for reals it isn't - this blog was created for a couple reasons....

1) to keep our family accountable to our finances
2) to hopefully make a little money along the way
3) to encourage others to save money and have fun while they do it

I hope you will check it out and also check out our advertisers on the site.  Some advertisers pay per month, others pay per sign up, some pay a % of a sale that comes from our site.  The amount of readers I have is very important to advertisers and I would really appreciate you subscribing and passing it on to a friend.  Even if you are not from CA I often post money saving deals that are nationwide!

Bottom line - it is a great blessing to our family if this blog grows, but it could be a great money saving resource for you too!  Thanks for checking it out!

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