Saturday, January 8, 2011

Garage sale complete!

Quick note to say thank you so much to all that donated to our last minute 'adoption fund' garage sale - we made $346 which is not too shabby for being put together in 6 days right?  Harry added $4 out of our change drawer and brought $350 to the bank right away - yay!

We packed the minivan FULL to the brim with donations for the Goodwill and took 3 storage bins as a 'starter kit' for our March 'adoption fund' garage sale.  We held back a couple things to sell on ebay & craigslist and hope they will sell quickly and for a decent price.

Our dossier is to be submitted early in February and we will very likely travel sometime around April or May!

We are so so excited by how fast this is going, but again thought we had more time to fundraise.  This blog is going to have links to our other fundraisers and I hope you will check them out!  Our goal is to do this with as little debt as possible.  We know with things moving as fast as they are we gotta be realistic and know that just might not happen, but it is the goal!

Weird prayer - but we've searched plane tickets to her country and the prices change DRAMATICALLY month to month - we are praying that when we get our itinerary it will be on the low end (about $900 a ticket instead of the high end - about $1600 a ticket!!!) both are expensive but it would obviously be a HUGE blessing if we could travel when it is less expensive - we have absolutely no control over that so we are just praying!

Keep praying for our cutie little 'Claire' - it is surreal seeing it all start to come together!

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