Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on the process

We had our 1st visit - went awesome - we LOVE our social worker!  She was so kind to schedule a 2nd visit on a Saturday (yay!) this Saturday morning - our last visit will be February 3rd and PRAYERFULLY we will have a completed homestudy the following week - every day we wait kills us - but we are trying to remind ourselves this is only about FOUR weeks away! FOUR weeks!  In the grand scheme of things we know this is such a short time!

We ask for your continued prayers that 'our' Claire is safe and well taken care of while we have to wait through this process!  Pray that her country stays stable (everything looks great but we still ask for your prayers).

Also - continue to pray for our fundraising efforts and keep our fundraisers in mind!


  1. We're waiting for word that our homestudy is OK with our overseas contact...We thought it was on the first draft, but then one part had to be redone.I've recently started praying for all RR in-process families to have a miraculously fast paperwork process so I'll keep that up for Claire as well as Caroline. :)

  2. Yes!! we are praying too! We feel very peaceful (which is not normal for us - normally we are so nervous about everything and we just really feel a peace about this situation) - praying for fast paperwork for everyone and I am praying your sweet Caroline is released soon - remember she is littler so it might be a bit longer, but I pray that you'll get sooner than expected news too =)