Friday, January 28, 2011

big week ahead!

This week is gonna be awesome! *God willing*

We live for checking things off the list.

We should have 'packet 1' all freshly apostilled and back in our hands to Fed Ex to a far away land by Tuesday - hopefully in the far away land before the end of the week!  (those who have been thru the process know how much goes into this packet and what a HUGE weight is lifted to have it done!)

Friday we have our LAST homestudy visit - that's right - the last one!!  *homestudy should be complete one week after that as well as packet 2*

We also celebrate our 9 year anniversary on February 2nd! *we would like to thank Groupon for sponsoring our nearly free date night when we really can't be spending any dinero but really think it is important to celebrate*

We'll keep you posted - please pray everything goes as expected (or even a little faster =))

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