Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's always something.....


Probably not actually, but we'd like prayer for the latest plot twist if you don't mind.

Today 'our' little girl's country reopened for 2011. *yay*

With a few new rules. *shudder*

mainly - that kids cannot be 'reserved' while you wait to get your info together this side of the pond.

Why we are panicking - because we have another 6 - 8 weeks before our dossier will be submitted (another week before our homestudy is finalized & then there are papers that cannot be done until the homestudy is finished *sigh*) - anyway - at least 6 weeks before she will be 'reserved' for us.

Why we are kinda not panicking - because she has only been on hold for us for a couple weeks anyway, and she is had not been adopted prior to that - domestically or internationally - (we can't wrap our heads around why someone hadn't scooped her up before us anyway).  And now she is older and there are younger children just praying she will just be ignored by those willing to adopt just until we get there - statistics are totally on our side, but it is a hard place for us to sit.

We would still be matched with a child, there is just a teensie chance it won't be our cute little 'Claire' or 'Marissa' as she is called on Reece's Rainbow.  Our hearts are kinda set on her, but we just really don't think God makes mistakes so we are just doing our best to roll with it....

*again - there was SO much more drama when we adopted Silas (different country) - so things really don't ruffle our feathers as quickly as they used to, but it is still scary! 

Thanks for your prayers for us and for Claire and for every child who is still waiting for a family!


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