Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two upcoming fundraisers - this is it folks!

So we still have our little online stores & are crossing our fingers they will keep sending a few bucks our way in the months we wait to bring our kiddo home!

But our main two fundraisers are as follows...

The LAST 'adoption fund' garage sale will be the last weekend in March at our friend's house (thanks Ben & Karen!) - if you've got stuff you want to clear out before then and were planning on donating anway we hope you'll pass it down to us!  Any funds will be deposited into the 'adoption fund' - left overs will be donated to another worthy cause. These usually only raise a few hundred dollars, but they are totally easy to contribute to & we just couldn't pass up the opportunity! Anyway - keep us in mind! This is the last adoption fund garage sale we will do so we hope it will be the best!!

More exciting than that is our BIG - bunco/silent auction of Claire being put on my our lovely friends Suzanne, Kathleen, & Kelly (thanks ladies!) - evite to follow - but locals ladies need to 'save the date' - March 19th 10am - 2pm - It will be at the Carlsbad Inn (I'm thinkin it is gonna be fancier than our wedding!)
some of the raffle items already are jewelry from Famulare Jeweler, two night stays at local resorts, gift certificates to restaurants, certificates to dance classes, art, and much more!!  Anyway - that is just a teaser - make sure to save the date!

Our prayer has always first been that 'our' Claire is safe and well loved while she waits for us.
second - that we can just get thru all the paperwork, travel, etc with no issues.
and third - that we don't come home with the debt we did with our little boy.  We would do it again in a heartbeat - but it is really hard.  We are so thankful we have had so many come along side us and see that the paperwork/legal fees/travel/etc is all part of a 'mission trip' of sorts - we will give her an awesome life once she gets here! We were a tad worried about how we would finance everything it takes to get her here!! Thank you so much to everyone =)

Email me at katehamernik 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net if you want me to come and get/you want to drop off - stuff for the garage sale!  You can also email me if your business wants to donate something for the silent auction/bunco prize.

Save the dates!!


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