Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pray for Fed Ex

I just think that is a funny sounding title....

Anyway - we mailed off some very precious paperwork via Fed Ex to a far away land today.  I kinda wish we had taken a picture of it.  Is that weird?

It is the first set of papers from us specifically requesting our sweet 'Claire', so I kinda wish we had taken pics.

It should take 2 - 3 days for that paperwork to get there - which leaves plenty of time, it 'needs' to be there by February 10th - PLENTY of time!  Right?! Well, we've been through an intercountry adoption before and I just think it is prudent to ask everyone to pray for Fed Ex.

We celebrate our 9 year anniversary tomorrow *yay* and we have our LAST homestudy the next day *yay again*

Big week!

Keep our family (incuding our #3) in your prayers - we truly appreciate it!



  1. Not weird at all! :)

    Completely understand. :)

    We share the same date of Feb 10th of when our dossier has to be to China and we will make it to with time to spare!

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Blessings -


  2. I've prayed for FedEx before!! I understand completely. Oh, I got Caroline's hair stuff in the mail yesterday. Love them...Thanks so much! And it may sound silly, but seeing her full name written on the envelope made me so happy. :)

  3. @ Sarah - yay! glad you got them! - yeah - i thought you might like seeing it addressed to Caroline - i mean they are for her! I remember the first time we got something for Silas with his name on it *sigh*=)