Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last homestudy done!

Last homestudy meeting completed just moments ago!

Our homestudy 'rough draft' will be done this next week - final the week after!

Lots of little details still wrapping up but we are essentially done at this point.  Paperwork needs to go back & forth between Reece's Rainbow and our Claire's country and then we are just waiting for court dates!

We are still on track for traveling May*ish* although dates are not set at all - just an estimate.

Prayer requests -

-that all our paperwork is considered acceptable *sometimes even the tiniest typo will get paperwork sent back* we just don't want the process to be delayed at all.

-that our jobs continue to be stable (Harry actually had a freelance client push back a project last month and we just can't afford for that to happen again) - please pray for my little side job - our budget is based completely on Harry's income - any extra work he does or anything I make at this point goes into our adoption fund.

-pray for our fundraising - when we factor in our anticipated tax refund, Harry's book commission check, and the affiliate program checks I will get between now & May - we are still just under $5000 short of our goal - we think this number is totally 'doable' & we are just praying for extra momentum to get this goal met and also that airfare & hotel (the only real fluctuating items on our list) will be on the low end *what the estimation is based on* - airfare can fluctuate to her country to almost $1000 difference! (One of us will fly round trip twice, we will both go once, and of course Claire will need a one way ticket - so it could end up to be more, not that big of a deal - if we can hit our main goal of $24,000 we can easily put the rest on credit if necessary - but we would love for travel to just be at an inexpensive time =))

- Most importantly - pray for 'Little Sister Claire's' little heart - we know we were very very lucky that Silas didn't really come home with any 'issues' emotionally - she is a little older, and has a condition that might make her seem less lovable to some....we just pray she is well taken care of & that her little heart is happy, protected, and she is just doing well as she waits for us!

Thanks so much for reading our little blog =)


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