Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just had to share some cuteness...

So we have moved from the 'my family found me' to 'homestudy in progress' to our newest spot on Reece's Rainbow 'compiling dossier' *yay* so we should have our dossier in about 6 weeks - please keep praying that 'our' Claire is just happy and loved and waits for us to get there!! We are SOOOO close!

Here is a cute little photo that I had to share - we recently sat with as a promo on my other blog - win win - we really wanted to have a 'family of four' pictures before we become a family of five.

I just had to share this last one...

see the cute little picture we are holding? *sigh* we just love her so much!

Anyway - I wanted to share & I wanted to plug our talented photographer friends!



  1. Adorable!! I can't wait to see the family of five pic when Claire gets home. :)

  2. Gorgeous family! Your son looks just like your hubby in that picture!