Saturday, February 12, 2011

We have nice friends....

Just a little update =)

We  have been so blessed with so much support in this process.  We've had people buy trinkets, donate to our garage sales (we have one planned in March btw - the LAST one!), and even donate directly to Reeces Rainbow! Thank you all so much!

We got a call from several friends who are putting together a bunco for 'Little Sister Claire' fundraiser at the end of March too!!  I will keep local folks updated - we also will need items for a raffle - if you have a business that would like to donate I hope you will keep us in mind!

We are SO thankful!  We started this process with the HOPE that we would not end up buried in debt like our last adoption.  We have squirreled away a small 'adoption fund' before we even committed to Claire, but it was only about 20% of the entire cost. (travel & legal fees really add up!)  We knew ultimately this was our adoption and we would simply save what we could, work a little extra, pray for a few donations - but that ultimately we would take on debt for this cause if we needed to.

We are just about $5000 shy of our goal (since travel is looking to be in late spring / early summer we are realistically off by more than that - but we will cross that bridge when we get to it! - $5000 is a nice round number)  - this is what is left and we have our garage sale & this new bunco fundraiser - hopefully we'll raise everything we need!  My hope is we might even raise MORE & we can donate to a kiddo with $0 in their fund - how awesome would that be?! Donating to another before we are even home?! Maybe I am getting ahead of myself....

Anyway - we just feel really blessed and so so thankful - we know not every family is as supported in their adoption - not everyone sees it as a missions trip of sorts - we are so thankful for our family and friends that see it as such! 

Just wanted to share! I will get the dates & info here asap!


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