Monday, May 16, 2011

I hate to admit it....but Michael Buble has a point.

So I know this is gonna offend a couple readers - but I REALLY do not like Michael Buble.  I just think he is cheesy.  Don't try to change my mind - I'm really set in this opinion.

That being said....

This morning I was listening to my beloved 'Jeff & Jer' on the radio.  I have been listening to this duo literally since middle school and they make me happy.  What does not make me happy - they are on KyXy - a station they used to make fun of, and that I make fun of. Again, no offense to those who listen to KyXy.

Well, I pretty much know how to time the commercials and the music (so I don't have to listen to them) and I flipped the channel at 'last lame song before Jeff & Jer should be back' time.

Wouldn't you know it - Michael McCheesy comes on - ugh!  Well, I already knew the other station I was flipping between was on a commercial and I knew Jeff and Jer would be back at the end of McCheesy's lameness, so I actually kept the song on.

So, I guess I am in that stage of our issue where every song on the radio is about our situation.

Here's a YouTube video of 'Just Haven't Met You Yet'  with lyrics - and as much as I hate to say it  - Michael Buble made me feel better today. 

Just goes to show you - God can use all kinds of tools ;)

We've been knocked down a couple times, closed doors, unopened doors, doors that looked one way & ended up being another - UGH!  We are confused, but we know 'it'll all work out.'

I know that our confusion is shared by some other RR families or just other adoptive families, maybe this makes you feel better too.

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  1. I actually made a video of the RR children to this song a few months ago. I really feel like this song applies to me and someday I will find the child that is suppose to be ours but "I just haven't met them yet" :)