Saturday, May 14, 2011

No news.....but we are trying!

I am sorry to report we have no news yet.  We have asked about another little girl listed in Oleksandra's country - we of course would like to continue this journey there.

We've had a lot of closed doors - well, not closed doors I guess - just unanswered when we knocked.

Our 1st question is simply if she is available - we know now we cannot assume - so we asked for the facilitator to check.  They are very busy, and we are trying to be patient.

We have paperwork that is set to expire very soon and we would likely have to resubmit portions of our dossier....

Given the fact that during the 'back & forth' is when 'our' Oleksandra found herself in another family - we are hesitant to continue once that paperwork expires - we just see ourselves falling into the same sadness.

We have a couple other countries we are looking at.  I must admit - we are SO exhausted, emotionally and physically.  It is so hard to hear our kid's ask 'When are we going to find our little sister?'

Who knew it would be so difficult to adopt a 'hard to place' orphan =/

It is a worthy cause and we would do it again, and we will continue this journey, but it has been a rough week or so - it doesn't sound that long, but this past week has seemed to be painfully long and the 'what if's' and the 'what now?' is driving us insane.

We know God has a plan, and we know that we aren't promised easy roads all the time - we know we chose this particularly difficult road (adoption) - we just pray to find the end of the tunnel soon!!

We appreciate your prayers & support in the meantime!



  1. I hope it works out in your favor!! My heart is pulling for your family!!

  2. I hope you get another referral soon, and the right child that will fit into your family so well.