Monday, May 2, 2011

Dossier update

Ok - so here is where we are at - HOME STRETCH!

Our coordinator says that our Dossier will be translated as soon as it gets to the county where Claire is. 

It should be there on Thursday.  The Dossier will need to be translated - we have confirmed that ALL other Dossiers from RR have been translated & our team is actually just waiting for ours to get there - they said it normally takes about 2 weeks to translate but that they are expediting (not sure how much faster that means - but everyone gets that we are down to the wire) - still probably a week or so.

Once dossiers are submitted you usually get court/travel dates 2 weeks after.

For those doing math - yes, you are right - we are down to the wire.  There is nothing we can do to speed the process up - we hope & pray that everything that can be expedited is and that nothing else gets lots or misplaces (like before - ugh!)

We still do not know what exactly is happening after June 12th - we know that the country will still be accepting Dossiers up until that date - so we hare hopeful that means they will 'grandfather' those of us in process through.

That being said - our Dossier MUST be accepted by June 12th - we have every reason to believe it will be - but please pray for no more delays and just that everything goes according to 'best case scenario'

We'll keep you posted!

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  1. Praying everything goes smoothly with no weird delays. Wouldn't that be a change!? :)