Friday, April 29, 2011

Dossier SENT!

So - yesterday was REALLY busy....

I'm sorry I didn't update - it was a really crazy day - but with GREAT new!

We have no idea way - but apparently our dossier was sent to our local post office from Sacramento and for some reason our local PO sent it directly back to Sacramento.  The delay was because they actually sent it to us twice! UGH! While it is frustrating that we lost about 3 days with all that silliness - we are really just happy we got it!

We got it at about 11am on Thursday and it was in a Fed Ex envelope and on it's way to Eastern Europe right after lunch.  It should be there by next Thursday (as always - praying for earlier is appreciated).  We were told our dossier could be accepted as early as the next week - with the change of the adoption laws looming - the earlier the better.

Please continue to keep our adoption process and this precious little girl in your prayers.


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