Friday, April 15, 2011

President signed a law......

OK - so remember way back in the day when we were saying there was gonna be a vote at some point that may or may not change adoptions....

and remember how it kept getting pushed back.  Finally we just stopped listening to all the updates, it's been going on for over a year & just didn't seem to be a priority to the country.  We were thinking it was very likely at this point we would just skate through before anything even happened.


Vote signed - new laws will go into affect on June 12th.

While we will likely travel before June 12th there is little reason to think our adoption would be finalized before June 12th.


There is lots up in the air.  Lots of questions we don't have answers to.  We just know the dept that has been handling adoptions in her country will no longer be valid on June 12th.

We know that the reason for this change is ultimately VERY good!  There is no political upset to make us think that adoptions will end - it will likely make adoption easier in her country eventually.

We don't know if there is a new department already started or if it needs to be created - there are no published (authenticated) answers to those questions yet.

Those of us in the middle of the process though will likely take longer to get through.

Do you have questions?

Please don't ask me - I have no idea and it is just kind of annoying to hear them at this point.  There are TONS of blogs speculating that really have no idea at all.  We kinda just have to wait it out.

So what can we do?

Two things at this point.

Sit on our thumbs.



We are too deep in the process to turn around now - we think to ourselves we just can't stop and not follow through.

Worst case scenario - we'll have to resubmit everything (with a boatload of more stuff I am sure)

Best case scenario - by the grace of God we get through everything somehow before June 12th.  (again, highly unlikely and we still believe God is good if this is not the just sure is the easier of the two options)

We got this insane news (officially) about 30 minutes ago.  I am obviously just now processing it (hence the slight sarcasm) - expect a weepy freak out post to come.....

What is SUPER annoying - we sent our paperwork to apostille yesterday morning to Sacramento. We were told it will take 7 - 10 days to complete & then they'll send it back.  We discussed Harry just driving to LA & sitting there all day to get it done in one day & then he could mail it Fed Ex.  He had a client meeting that he easily could have missed if he really needed to, but it just seemed to be silly to go up just to save one week (if that - there was a possibility they would be too busy to take him that day)

'Oh don't do that Babe, gas is $4.10 a gallon - it's only a couple days, it won't make a huge difference.'


had we known we could have bought ourselves a week we totally would have....

Anyway - buckle up - the roller coaster just got real.

*It is important to note - thus far.....still SIGNIFICANTLY less drama than Silas' adoption.*

We ask for your prayers at this time - now more than ever that we can just smoothly sail through the process - that everything moves as quickly as it possibly can.  We ask that everyone involved at the government level has the best interest of the kids at heart and just gets through whatever this transition is quickly!  Even if we make it through, there are other kids and families slightly behind us in the process - this will affect people - we just pray that children do come home and quickly!

Please also keep 'Claire' in your is just so very unfair for her to be so loved and still need to live in a baby house for even one more day.

Thank you for your prayers

Harry & Kate


  1. I'm right there with you! We will miss our 3rd submission date on the 20th. Praying that everything moves quickly for both of us!

  2. I just read your blog and my heart sank. It sounded too familiar. I want to encourage you and tell you GOD IS FOR YOU AND LITTLE CLAIRE who can be against you. Seriously hold on to that. 3 years and 27 days it took for Aiden to come home with times of impossibility. 1st: 2008 another family was chosen over us to take his file due to being paper ready/ US home vs us who had never adopted and was living abroad despite inquiring and pursuing him first......the family is approved by China , TA issued......pretty much closed door, then Aiden refuses to be adopted...CHINA listened to a 6 yr old child???? NOW thats a really a cold day in he (double hockey sticks). His file was inactivated permanently. May 2009 a possibility that his file could be reactivated but slim due to his age and previous backing out.......May 2010 its activated..... MIRACULOUSly they did it!....Sept 2010 wrong stamps on all of HIS dossier paperwork so China had to redo the paperwork, we were at the mercy of a foreign government to hurry it along which could potentially set us back a whole year in processing his adoption....Oct 2010 spoke to Holt about the "real timeline" they say hopefully his file is released in Dec 2010 meaning you could travel by May 2011...........WHAT??????????? REALLY???????? but God had a different plan.......2 weeks later, His file was released and we had him in our arms within 3 months...........NO man, angels, demons, or situations can keep us away from God's love or plans.......NOTHING!!! I am praying, you pray and i really feel in my spirit its going to all come together!