Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nobody knows where our papers are.....

Our dossier made it to the State Capital for Apostille last week.  Included was a self adressed prepaid flat rate mailer for it to come back to us in.

Harry called and asked if we could please get ours expedited b/c of our time crunch - they were happy to help.

They let us know it was mailed out (Priority) on Thursday afternoon.

2-3 days 'guaranteed' return.

Friday, Saturday, (no mail Sunday) - should be here Monday or Tuesday


Not in Wednesday's mail either.

We called to double check that it had indeed been sent. Yes it was - about 2:30pm on Thursday.

Do you have record of that or a tracking number.

No, but a postal employee comes to pick up at 2:30pm and your package was in the load on Thursday.

We called our Post Office.  The employee basically told us that there was no protocol for what to do when a package without tracking (we were not able to put tracking on it - only the person sending it could and they just don't do that apparently) gets lost - you just have to wait for it.

And if it doesn't show up?

Oh I am sure it will....

And if it doesn't???

Oh, well then you'll just have to do it again, it isn't guaranteed unless you go Certified mail - that was your mistake.


I proceeded to let her know that I was gonna need a little more customer service from her - that we had literally spent THOUSANDS of dollars making that paperwork and that it is not something we can duplicate.  I also explained to her there is a deadline that they had already pushed us back with.  They advertise 2-3 days NATIONALLY - we are in the same State and on day FIVE.

Something is wrong.  I mail stuff for Ebay all the time via priority mail for years - NEVER had a problem.  Harry addressed it himself so we know we have the right address.  It was prepaid flat rate - no reason it would be sent back for lack of postage. My experience is that it really should have been there on Saturday - and there is just no good reason that 5 business days later a priority package only being sent within the State should still be in waiting.

Anyway - that is where we are - we've called everyone between us and that paperwork and we can't find it.  Our ENTIRE Dossier is in that package - dozens of notarized and apostilled doctors appointments, court documents, our home study, proof of employment, housing info, everything - months of paperwork & a lot of money....not to mention enough personal information to pretty much buy anything you want in our name.....

I get that stuff gets lost in the mail - but this is crazy.  I honestly don't know how we would get everything redone again with the clock ticking like it is - we would do it - but it would be insane & I don't know if it would matter......I am really hoping I am getting ahead of myself and it really will show up tomorrow.

Not to sound trite - but please pray - that is all we have got right now.  Pray that it gets here and also pray for our nerves.....


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  1. Oh Kate....I don't know what to say. Of course I'll pray.