Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sending dossier for apostille tomorrow!!

Today (our daughter's bday) we got our I717 clearance - woot!  We got this in the mail less than two weeks after getting them done!  We were told 2 weeks - 3 months! Now if that isn't an answer to pray, I really don't know what is. For whatever the reason, we are VERY happy it happened so fast!

We have already had our coordinator over in Claire's country go through EVERY document with a fine toothed comb and she has assured us that everything is ready for apostille (basically - notary of the notary - done at the state level).

We will send everything for apostille tomorrow!  We have been told it takes up to 10 days for our apostilled paperwork to come back. (but we seem to have been kissed by the 'paperwork gets done faster' fairy - so that is what we are hoping for here).  We then send the whole precious paperwork packet - our 'Dossier' to her country - basically everything her country has asked to see - proving we are fit to parent her and specifically requesting to adopt her.

Up until the paperwork gets to her we still have no legal ties to her.  On the very slight chance she is adopted by someone else we would then go to her country as a 'blind referral' - meaning we would essentially pick a child there.  Our prayer is that this is our little girl - but we firmly believe God does not make mistakes! 

We should have travel dates VERY soon at this point!  Please keep all this precious paperwork in your prayers and also 'our' Claire - we are SO close!!



  1. Kate this is awesome!!! I know you probably know this but don't use the postal service to mail it off!! I've heard horror stories on the yahoo group. Everyone says FedEx or UPS only for important documents. Nancy, one of the family helpers, gave us a great post-apostille checklist to use before we sent our dossier and I caught a document error that somehow everyone had missed! (our passport issuing authority was filled in wrong on one document.) I'll send it to you if you don't have one already. Email me if you want a copy! Congratulations!!! :)

  2. yes! thanks for telling us though - yes - we'll use FedEx - just to get it there sooner but also to make sure it is safe! thank you so much!! we are praying your Caroline is released SOON!!