Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hopes for Monday

So we have two things we are hoping for tomorrow.

1) that some new official information will be released from Claire's country - answers to what will happen when the current law changes in June - what it means to those of us in process - the probability of our dossier even being accepted at this point - what/where/when, etc, etc, etc - we have a thousand questions.

2) that we can get in contact with the supervisor at the apostille office and sweet talk them into going out of order & processing ours Monday instead of going in order they came which would take an estimated week / week and a half.  Only a supervisor can make this call.

- Again - we've been told not to panic, but just to work as quickly as we can.  Countries have closed before and reopened.  The reasons they are changing the laws is ultimately good - it just will very likely take those of us in the process even longer.  This could mean filing new/more paperwork which ultimately takes more time and very likely costs more money - we'd obviously like to avoid that.

The first time we asked for commitment papers for this little girl was nearly a year ago.  One of the bumming things about adoption is you commit to love a child and then have to wait out the process.  We feel like we have already missed out on a year of life together (not to mention the year and a half before we knew of her).  We just want to be her family, as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and praying - we are so thankful for all those who love her already and support our decision to bring her home!!


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