Monday, April 18, 2011


No Claire adoption news.....

In place of what I would have liked to have been an adoption update I will share with you a sweet story.

This afternoon Silas woke up from nap and asked for hot cocoa.  He was still kinda sleepy.

"Sure, Buddy, but it is gonna cost you a big hug."

"Ok Mommy." and he shuffled over to the coach and crawled up in my lap.

"You know, some day you are gonna be so big that you won't even fit in my lap."

"Will I someday be even bigger than Daddy?"

"I bet you will, Russians are bigger than Argentinians"


"Where is Daddy from Bubby?"

"Him's from Argentina."

"Where is Silas from?"

"I'm from Russia."

"Where are you now?"


Takes my breathe away........

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