Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just some quick numbers to think about

So there is not much official info out there to read - trust me, we've looked.

What we have found is that there are 143 AMERICAN families who have had Dossiers accepted and have not had their adoptions completed in Claire's country.

There are also MANY other families from other countries who have already had Dossiers accepted.

Note - We are NOT one of these families.  Our Dossier is still at our State Capitol getting all apostilled ready to FedEx - it will hopefully join that group next week or the week after.

Knowing how difficult it is where we sit - we know it is scary for all these people ahead of us too. 

Every single one of those families represents an orphan that has an opportunity to come home to a family - and I just pray that every single one flies through the process quickly.

Again - this change is ultimately in the best interest of the orphans in her country.  Ultimately it should make adoption easier and likely faster.  But those of us in the process right now could potentially wait longer (nobody knows how long) - and it is just terrible that kid's with committed parents have to wait any longer.

Please just pray for those people waiting - not just the Americans, but I wanted to share that number - there are hundreds in our position too - we don't want to fly ahead of anyone - we really just want everyone to get through.

My point is, it just is not about our family and what we want in 'our baby' - it's about these kids that just need families.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for praying!! (good thoughts & happy hippie vibes also accepted)

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