Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spoke too soon

so there were a couple pieces that had to be redone and a completely new piece we had never heard of before that needed to be in our dossier. *sigh*

so it still has not left yet - it hasn't even gone to the state to be apostilled yet. *sigh*

*taps foot impatiently*

ACTUALLY I really can't complain - had we sent our dossier already this new paper we got only a few days ago as we were waiting approval for the last (last, last) change on a couple others) we would have to resend this as well - sending it all together is MUCH better.

We are praying we get the 'all clear' to send our packet to Sacramento for apostille tonight - so hopefully we will be sending tomorrow.....

Hang on Claire - we are coming!!


  1. We are having another frustrating situation with our adoption as well. I'm beyond tapping my foot, moving toward banging my head against a wall I think!

  2. Oh Sarah! I saw your post - I am so sorry for your wait!! Praying things start moving more quickly for you!