Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some have asked about's safe

I know that some have asked about money.  I am guessing even more are wondering but don't know if it is right to ask.  We had a lot of donations and it is totally ok to wonder.

Here's the breakdown.  Everything in our 'family grant fund' ($3333.97) was (and still is) OUR family grant - it can be applied to an adoption of any child on the Reece's Rainbow site.  From what I understand from the email we got - her 'waiting child' grant will also be able to be applied ($545) to a child we adopt from RR - since she is no longer available and was not adopted from a RR family.

We have already submitted our dossier to one particular country - and we would loose $$ if we chose to change countries.

While there are literally hundreds of children on the RR site in the same country as Claire, we aren't open to every child - one thing that makes it difficult is that we specifically requested a girl under 3 (highest request) and while we were open to physical disabilities - we requested 'Marissa' because she was 'congnitively normal' - we aren't sure if we are willing to go outside of our comfort zone there....

We can also go 'blind referral' and still apply that $$ towards our adoption - RR has said that is not a great choice as it leaves a lot of unknowns.  We don't know what to do just yet.

Also - most of the money we had donated and saved from my little side job, craft fairs, etc has gone into a special 'adoption fund' account at our bank & it will be applied towards an adoption.

Anyway - that might be more info than many needed - but I know so many people contributed to this process financially & they are totally entitled to know. 

Bottom line - if we adopt in the same country & through RR - we literally do not loose anything.  If we adopt in a different country but through RR, we loose some.

If we scrap our whole RR journey - the money donated to our family grant will be applied towards another waiting child so it will still go towards a special needs orphan and we still have a substantial account to 'start all over' if necessary.

I hope that answers some questions.


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  1. I'm sure that all money was donated in love not just for Claire but for you and Harry and your whole family. I can't imagine anyone would begrudge you this change of plans no matter where you decide to go from here (stay with RR, change countries etc). Take your time, think about it, pray about it. We are all behind you and only what what is best for you and your family, including the member you don't know yet. (((hugs))). - Lizz