Sunday, May 29, 2011

*sigh* rambling update - not really an update on anything except my thoughts really....

So - we are doing our best to be patient.

We have asked about another child in Oleksandra's country - we only know that she will not be released for international adoption until at least August & our paperwork would need to be redone (not all of it - but a lot)

Her medical condition was extremely vague - getting more info has not been easy - we have heard nothing.

We are trying to be patient, with all the upset in her country I am sure there are lots of families keeping the whole RR team very busy.

We are starting to look elsewhere - other countries - we know we will adopt a special needs girl someday - seriously not sure where - it really has only been a few weeks since we heard that Oleksandra had been adopted.

May 4th exactly - it seriously boggles my mind still.  We knew it was legally possible, but I just can't fully wrap my head around it.  I think we will always miss her - I don't know if that is appropriate, but I will.  My heart hopes some day to meet her in heaven, and I don't mean that in a trite way, I honestly mean it.  We seriously loved that little girl.  We know we will never meet her on Earth.  I will continue to pray for her, and I really do look forward to the opportunity of someday meeting her - how awesome would that be?!

I try to remind myself that beautiful girl has been loved and cherished by her family, being jealous of her family has subsided somewhat - but I am still a little jealous.

Please pray for our adoption process - we would like to hear back about this little girl we asked about in Oleksandra's country, we've also asked about (and had info sent over) about a BEAUTIFUL little girl in Tawain.

We want more than anything to support RR - we have prayed for & supported this organization in some way since we found it just a few months after we adopted our son (over 3 years ago) - it has literally been our dream.

Anyway - sorry for the rambling, I just hadn't updated in a while and thought I should.

Please pray for our adoption process -we know God has called us to adopt a special needs orphan...just trying to figure out where she is from.  Please pray for us as we continue to mourn 'Claire'.


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  1. Kate I am mourning with you & I just KNOW that there is a little one out there who is handpicked by the Lord for your family. Still praying!